An interesting collection of materials came to the Archives last week from Robert Detlor. Mr Detlor’s grandfather, Bismarck (Mark) Leroy Detlor (1876-1951) operated a bake shop and confectioner’s in St. George Street, Deseronto, south of the junction with Edmon Street. The collection includes this fine photograph of the interior of the store:

2011.15(5) Interior of Detlor’s Bake Shop

The Detlor shop was in operation for over 30 years. The photograph below shows Bismarck Detlor, his wife, Winnifred (née Moore, 1879-1963) and their eldest son, William Kenneth Detlor (1903-1930). The woman on the left is believed to be Winnifred’s sister, Laura Blake. The family are standing outside the Detlor store, with their car.

2011.15(4) Detlor family with Chevrolet Series F Superior

In this photo, a ‘KODAK’ sign can be seen just behind the car: the store sold camera supplies as well as baked goods and candy. An intriguing combination!

Skating on the Bay at sunset

Skating on the Bay at sunset

There were many people enjoying the ice on the Bay of Quinte today: the photo shows some youngsters skating on what was once the log pond beside Mill Street in Deseronto. It brought to mind an advertisement from The Tribune of December 9th, 1892, which was encouraging parents to buy skates from the Anderson and Miller store on Main Street as a Christmas gift for their children.

The Bay is Frozen

I’m not sure how thrilled their mothers would be at getting “the latest improved Washer and Wringer”, though.

The Santa Claus Parade will be taking place on Saturday evening (November 28th) at 6.30 in Deseronto’s Main Street and Rathbun Park.

To start getting you into the seasonal spirit, here is an advertisement for the Bay of Quinte Meat Company which appeared in Deseronto’s local newspaper, The Tribune on December 9th, 1892. This store was located in the Baker Block on Main Street, on the route of Saturday’s Parade.

Advertisement for the Bay of Quinte Meat Company, 1892

The advertisement reads:

We intend making the finest display of
Beef, Pork, Lamb, Mutton, Veal, Game, Poultry, Vegetables, and every variety of
This Christmas that has ever been seen in Deseronto, or in fact, in Ontario.
We are already booking orders for Turkeys. “Now is your time to do likewise,” and thus be sure of your Christmas dinner before the turkeys see this ad. and strike.

Our store on Christmas Eve will be far more worth seeing than any Christmas Tree. Arrange to bring your families to see it, no matter whether you require anything or not. Just come along and have a look, and if it does not make you hungry to see so many nice things ready for the oven it won’t be our fault. Owing to our increased trade, and anticipating an immense rush of thousands of new customers during Christmas week, we are now trying to make arrangements with Mr. Baker to add another hundred feet on to his already fine block.

Some of our customers are buying their turkeys now, and eating them too, so that they will not be left when the rush comes.

Do not be afraid – we will have enough for all. Only give us your order now and not have to wait, as we were only able to secure the services of a few less than fifteen men to serve you on Dec. 24th. So come one and all and see the great Christmas Fair.



Baker Block, Deseronto

A good illustration of the fact that the use of humour in advertising was not a twentieth century invention!