The Deseronto Archives was established in November 1997. In September 2016 it was transferred to Belleville to form part of the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County. This new facility offers purpose-built storage with climate control to help keep Deseronto’s archives in excellent condition for a long time to come.

This website contains two main types of content:

1) news items on the activities of the Deseronto Archives

2) posts about First World War in Deseronto, including details on the Deseronto and Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory men who served

If you have materials relating to Deseronto that you think would be of interest to others, please consider donating them to the Community Archives so that they can be preserved into the future. Or you might prefer to loan materials to the Archives for digitization, so that they can be shared with others through the Archives’ collection of photographs on the Flickr website. Items can be left with staff at Deseronto Public Library for onward transfer to the Community Archives.

85 Responses to “About”

  1. (Daniel) Paul McVicker Says:


    I’m Daniel Clarence McVicker’s son. I am trying to trace Anne and Jim McVicker, daughter and son of James McVicker, postmaster and fire chief of Deseronto in the mid 1900s, haven’t seen them in years and their trails are cold.

    Can you help me or point me in the right direction?

    Thank you,
    Paul McVicker

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Paul

      I don’t have any contact details for Anne and Jim, but with any luck they will see your message here and get in touch with you.


    2. Tracy waterman Says:

      Hi Paul. My wife’s father is Jim mcvicker.he still lives in belleville.his daughter, Tracy, your cousin, can be reached at 416 839 8143

      1. Amanda Landry Says:

        Hello, my husband and I purchased a house in Deseronto this past spring and we are hoping you could provide some history on the home. I love older homes and have a passion for history and I am curious about our house at 120 Green St. The real estate listing only said 100+ years old but no other details. Would you be able to assist in finding out more about 120 Green St?

      2. Amanda Hill Says:

        Hello Amanda,
        You can do some research using our online resources. There is a plan of Deseronto lots at which will give you the block and lot number for your house. Then you can look through the old Hastings County assessment rolls to see who was living there in the past. Those are in the process of being scanned and many are available at

        You can always email us at if you need any assistance with this.


        Amanda Hill

    3. Patrick Goodmurphy Says:

      My maternal grandfather is Richard Patrick McVicker.
      I have James Hartigan McVicker(1909-1974) married to Jessie Elizabeth Hines(1914-????). I have one child listed – James – no birth date.
      If you gather any additional information, I would appreciate receiving same.
      Patrick Goodmurphy

      1. Paul McVicker Says:

        Hi I am Paul McVicker, my dad was Daniel Clarence McVicker, James Hartigan McVicker’s older brother, they had an older brother, Leo, and a younger sister, Mary, Francis, Leo’s son lives in Verona, my son, Andy, lives in Peterborough, my daughter, Jane, lives in Oshawa.

  2. Claudia ( Cole ) Gendron Says:

    try getting in touch with Marilyn Sweet of Mill st , I believe she would be a coustn

  3. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Hello Amanda, I am trying to find my family lineage with regards to my Deseronto Mohawk descendants. Do you know how I would go about finding this information?

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hi Tiffany

      It’s always best to start with the relatives you know about and work your way back in time through official records to find out about their ancestors. A lot of the records you need to consult are now online through the Ancestry service, which is free to access in libraries in Ontario. Or you can send me the details and I am happy to see what I can find out for you.


  4. Darlene Anderson Says:

    I have an ancestor named Gilbert Ostrom that was born in Marmora. He has never put his parents name on any documentation. It looks like the father’s name was Leonard on his birth certificate but it was crossed out and I do not know why. Family stories on several lines are that his mother was Tyendinaga Mohawk. I was wondering if there are marriage records from Christ Church there in Deseronto that might have a surname of Ostrom married to a Mohawk woman. It would mean the world to me to find these ancestors and I am not sure how to proceed. I have written to the Tyendinaga Mohawks but have not heard back at this time.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Darlene – no, unfortunately we don’t hold any church records. Do you have a date of birth for Gilbert?

  5. Darlene Anderson Says:

    Yes I do. He was born about 1865.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Have you been able to get his death registration? In later years they named both parents. If he had any siblings, it’s always worth checking their marriage registrations to see if they name the parents. Otherwise, sorry, there isn’t much else I can suggest. Good luck!

  6. linda hansson Says:

    Hi Amanda, I am trying to find information about my grand mother who was listed as being born in Tyendinga. Her name was Sarah Frazer and was born about 1838. She married Frank Shatraw and had a daughter Amelia. Who was my great grandmother. So much information on my family is lost and would love to learn more to pass to my children. Thank you

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Linda
      I’ve had a look, but at that date, as you know, records are fairly sparse. The only thing I can suggest is to look at the Tyendinaga parish records, which go back to 1831 for baptisms ( Perhaps Sarah might be listed in those. They are held by the Anglican Diocesan Archives in Kingston (

      Sorry not to be able to help more.

    2. Rhonda Chase Says:

      Hi Linda my name is Rhonda Exum Chase and my gggrandmother is also Sarah Fraser husband Frank Shirtraw born 1838 on this res in Canada ,I am trying the best I can to find out any info on them If you have anymore please share I would greatly apreciate it…..My Mothers grandmother is Amelia..she said she smoked a pipe and wore a blanket Sarah I mean.Lets chat..

      1. Linda hansson Says:

        Hi Rhonda I would love to chat ! I have been searching forever for information about sarah and frank. Amelia was my two great grandmother Anna Mae was my great grandmother remember her well . Email me would love to hear from you

      2. Linda Hansson Says:

        Is your mother sister or niece to Anna Mae ? Wondering your mothers name and how we are related

  7. linda hansson Says:

    Thank you Amanda I will try there. Linda

  8. linda hansson Says:

    Hi Amanda, what I found from my research Was there was a Samuel Fraser who married Elizabeth Hill. I found one daughter Mary who was born in 1836 and was baptisted at Mohawk Chapel Brantford Ontario. I was told my grandmother sarah was born in 1838. This could be my family. Thanks

  9. linda hansson Says:

    Elizabeths father was Seth Kanenkaregowa Hill Chief of Bear clan in 1790. Maybe you could find any information on this. Thanks again Linda

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hi Linda

      Our archives doesn’t have much information on the early Mohawk settlers in the area – you could try contacting the Research unit of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, if you haven’t already done that:–lands.

  10. deborahj Says:

    Dear Amanada,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide so much information. My Grandmother was Maude Hill and I understand she was a Mohawk born on the Tyendinaga Reserve. I think I may have found her listed on a genealogy page: (
    “Maude Hill” is listed as:
    HILL Maude Female Daughter Single Sep 8 1893 7y Ont Mohawk Other-Br. C of E Mohawk

    I think 1893 would be the correct birth date since she died at age 73 or 74 when I was 13. I wonder if you have any other records of her.

    Thank you very much,
    Deborah Johnstone

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Deborah

      We don’t have any records relating to Maud in our collection. It appears from family tree information on Ancestry that she was the daughter of Isaac Hill and Elizabeth Maracle. You might like to contact the Kanhiote Library to see if they have any more details:

    2. Audrey Scott Says:

      Hello Amanda and Deborah,

      Deborah – My great grandfather is Daniel Isaac Hill, on the link you posted your grandmother and my great grandfather are brother and sister!
      HILL Daniel Male Son Single Oct 2 1888 12y Ont Mohawk Other-Br. C of E Mohawk
      I have been researching for information about him, and have found many military records of the family. As well as a family photo with Maud as an infant :)

      Amanda – Do you have any other records of their parents, or my great grandfather Daniel Isaac Hill? The parents are: Elizabeth Maracle and Isaac Joseph Hill? Anything would be appreciated!
      HILL Isaac J. Male Head Married Jul 4 1843 57y Ont Mohawk Other-Br. C of E Farmer Mohawk
      HILL Elizabeth Female Wife Married Nov 15 1865 35y Ont Mohawk Other-Br. C of E Mohawk

      1. Amanda Hill Says:

        Hello Audrey

        We don’t have records about these individuals in the archives here. The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte’s Research Unit may be able to help you, or the archives of churches with baptism, marriage and death registers.


      2. Audrey Avalena Says:

        Hello again Amanda, when I try to email wihch is the emailed listed on the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte’s Research Unit (here at the bottom: It comes back as undeliverable. Can you please let me know if there is a phone number or another email I can use?
        Thank you!

      3. Amanda Hill Says:

        Hi Audrey – I believe the correct address is

  11. Crystal Coopet Says:

    I am looking for some information on my grandfather thought too be born in deseronto Robert Gorege Tompkins born March 27 1927-1937 died January 9 1986.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hi Crystal – I see there was a Tompkins family in Deseronto in 1921, headed by Nelson and Lucy Tompkins, who had four sons: John, Wellington, William and Rowland. John was married to Rosa (whose maiden name was Tisdale). Also living in Deseronto at that time was Robert Tompkins (John’s older brother), who was married to Alice (Briant) and who had two children at the time of the 1921 census. I’m not sure if that helps you at all…


  12. Leighanne Maracle Keener Says:

    I am looking for information on my great grandparents James and Catherine (Loft) Maracle. There’s very little information about them and I can’t seem to find any information earlier than them. They were both born in Tyendinaga, East Hastings, Ontario, Canada and were married in 1871. My grandfather (their son) was Leonard Maracle, born on May 7, 1906, in Deseronto.

    I’d also like to know what clan they were a part of.


    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Leighanne – I think your best bet would be to contact Amy Cowie at the Research Department of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (

  13. Ramona Hill Says:

    I am looking for any information on an Isaac and Jessie Hill my paternal great grand parents Also Simon and Jamima Hill new Miraeal. They would be my great great grandparents. I can only find most Information for my grandfather Jeremiah Sylvania Hill.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hi Ramona – it might be worth contacting the Research Unite of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte to see if they can help you:–lands

      1. Thank you very much. I will check. Sorry for the repeat post

  14. I am looking for any information about my family. Simon and Jamima Hill(Maracle?)
    Isaac and Jessie Hill. Also trying to find something on my grandmother Phoebe Hill (Crawford) who was married to Jeremiah Hill.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  15. Kevin Patrick McVicker Says:

    My name is Kevin Patrick McVicker, I am the son of Jim Mcvicker, grandson of James McVicker. Postmaster and fire chief of Deseronto. I do remember visiting my great uncle Clarence as a kid. DOC! I can be reached at

  16. Rick Sanford Says:

    my name is Richard Sanford looking to find out Mary Maracle b 1865 married to Isaac Culbertson b 1862 had a child Mary Ellen Culbertson b March 28 1890 who was adopted by Peter Hill as Mary Maracle d in March 3 1894 and how is Peter Hill was related to her as she is my greatgrand mother

    1. Rick Sanford Says:

      Mary Culbertson

    2. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hi Richard
      There is a family tree on Ancestry which suggests that Peter Hill was the child of Susan Culbertson (wife of John W. Hill), who was the aunt of Isaac Culbertson (her brother was John Culbertson 1801-1861). If that is correct, Peter would have been Isaac Culbertson’s cousin and first cousin once removed to Mary Ellen.

      1. Rick Sanford Says:

        are we related by any chance as what you gave me was dead on

  17. Rick Sanford Says:

    thanx for the help as you just gave me a piece of information I didn’t know soon going back on I have just applied for my Indian Status thanx for the new amendment to the Indian act as i’m going through my grandmother Mary Ellen Simpson b August 10 1918

  18. Rick Sanford Says:

    how is Cornelius and Isabel Maracle related to me as they raised my dad on the reserve. Joseph Gordon Benjamin Sanford His mother Mary Ellen Simpson. He went to the residential school in Shannonville. They had a trailer park then their son took it over called Terry’s Teepee

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Sorry Richard, I can’t help you with that one!

  19. Lorne Poste Says:

    Hi Paul – are you the same Paul
    McVicker that attended NDCI in
    the mid 1950s?

  20. Shelly Hill Says:

    Hi,my great grandfather name is Isaac Hill born June 15 1823 death july 26 1920
    Parents could be Margaret lenah maracle
    And William Hill.searching for back up information.born in bay of quinte.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hi Shelly – death registrations usually name both parents in 1920. Have you been able to find his death record? It should be available on Ancestry or Family Search.

  21. Shelly Hill Says:

    I have not found more information about isaac hill.

  22. Shelly Hill Says:

    Looking for parents of isaac hill born 1823 – 1920.born bay of quinte.information for the other isaac hill.

    1. Why info are you looking for because if he’s the same person he was my great-great no no no I apologize he was my great-grandfather

  23. Shelly Hill Says:

    Isaac hill is my great grandfather married to mary powlis of six nations.Doing my family tree.

  24. Nicholas Guthrie Says:


    I’m looking for information on Ethel Pearl Green (born June 25 1889 – Died 1944ish) and Isaiah Green (born June 1 1884) They were married Jan 9 1908.

    And Everett Green who is said to be there son.

    If you have anything I would greatly appreciate hearing back from you.


    Nicholas Guthrie

  25. catherine leduc Says:

    I am looking for a man named (last)Cornell deceased had a son Lonny or Lonnie from the Tyendinaga reserve. I am trying to find out his first name, possibly died in late 60’s early 70’s
    Please call me 613 879-8608 or can text anonymous is fine don’t need to know who you are.

  26. Sharon Says:

    I am looking for marriage documentation between John J H Reid and Agnes Markle married abt. 1823. I believe she is the oldest daughter of Gilbert Markle and Elizabeth Sager.

  27. Doug Smith Says:

    My name is Douglas smith ive traced my ancestors on my dads side to band number 2844 my great great grandmother was Sally (sarah) Green she was native another relative on my dads side is Mary Sanford another grandparent who is of native ancestry. my grand father was Joseph Gore and my father was janes edward gore. I would like to find any info if i can on my ancestors if anyone can help thanks.

  28. Sue Cowan Says:

    In several death registrations for Tyendinaga Band members that I have come across in my research they refer to “Upper Church Cemetery”. Are they referring to Christ Church or All Saints? Is it a reference to one being deemed “higher Anglican” than the other? Is this in reference to geography? Or altitude? All wisdom/insights will be greatly appreciated!
    Rev Sue Cowan
    Georgetown, ON

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      My guess would be that it is geographically distinguishing between the two churches, but the topographical maps show them to be pretty much at the same elevation, so that doesn’t help! You do go up a hill to get to Christ Church, though…

  29. Joanne Machin Says:

    Hello, I have such fond memories of Deseronto as a child. (1970 (ish)I grew up in Toronto to Italian parents and my dad became friends with Kelly who I believe was a chief in Deseronto but I do not know for how long. He was married to Eileen and had a house right on the Bay of Quinte. We used to spend our at their house in the summer but I do not know much more about him. I believe he re-located to Alberta but any information about him would be appreciated. I He was such a beautiful man…great memories!!

  30. Huibert Den Hartog Says:

    Hi my I live across the street from the nalors theater in Deseronto. I can find no history on my home, I was told the Naylors posblebly owned my home back then.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Huibert
      The Deseronto lot plan shows the property opposite Naylor’s Theatre as lot B11 ( The 1900 assessment roll for Deseronto ( shows three people on that property: Woodcock Marshall, a merchant, William Simmons and Benjamin Smith (tenants and both labourers). There are other assessment rolls online at to check earlier dates – and there is also a voter’s list at to take a look at.

  31. Clive Parkinson Says:


    Can anyone please help me trace what happened to my great grandfather in Desoronto?

    My great grandfather William Friend Parkinson (also listed as Friend William Parkinson on his Canadian marriage records) left UK for USA in 1893 aged 21/22. His first wife had died shortly before he left UK. He first settled in Lackawanna County near Scranton Pennsylvania. He was a coal miner (and musician!)

    The next official record we have is of him is from Canada. At age 52 he married a widow, Mary Frances Corby on 16th August 1924 (registered on 29th August 1924) with the intended residence of Desoronto, Ontario. Then the trail is cold.

    Thanks in advance for any information that may unravel a longstanding family mystery,


  32. Susan (Sue) Cowan Says:

    Digging through some Ontario records (Ontario marriage, death, census, voters records, Find-a- Grave) I note the following:

    Friend William PARKINSON is listed as father of the groom on the marriage registration of Charles Edward PARKINSON (b. 1910 Oswego, NY d. 1961 bur. Deseronto Cemetery) to Charlotte Emily “Emeline” HENRY (b. 28 Mar 1904, Deseronto d. 26 Jan 1934, Belleville bur: Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Deseronto along with her infant sons – one out of wedlock –surname HENRY , the other with Charles Edward PARKINSON) on 13 Jan 1931 at St Mark’s, Deseronto, Ontario. On the marriage registration the groom’s mother is cited as Malvina PARKINSON.

    Malvina Rose Mary (nee BRIGGS) PARKINSON was born 1886 in Malone. Franklin, NY and died at Deseronto 15 Jan 1923. She is buried at Deseronto Cemetery. Her husband, Friend W. PARKINSON is the informant on her death registration.

    Mary Frances MARACLE, daughter of David MARACLE & Eleanor/Ellen WALKER b. 1879 married Joseph CORBY (b. 1875, Deseronto son of Louis CORBY & Elizabeth) on 1 Apr 1897 in the Township of Tyendinaga. Mary Frances subsequently married Friend William PARKINSON on 28 Aug 1924 at Deseronto, Ontario.

    I checked the 1921 Canada Census for the 3 Town of Deseronto sub-districts. I did not find any PARKINSONs residing in Deseronto. I did see Mary (Maracle) CORBY listed as a widow, with her 2 sons Samuel & William (Town of Deseronto, sub-district 3, Poll 46, pg 22/22). Therefore Joseph CORBY died some time between the CEF Attestation – papers to sign up for WW1 – dated 26 Apr 1916, his subsequent discharge (Pte, #637096, 155th Batt. CEF – “medically unfit”) which is not dated and the 1921 Census (1 June 1921) Mary & Joseph’s son, Samuel Jacob b. 2 Oct 1898 d. 1 Aug 1936 bur. All Saints Anglican Cemetery, Tyendinaga.

    I checked the 1935 Voter’s List for 3 sub-districts in the Town of Deseronto. No one with the surname PARKINSON was registered to vote at any of the 3 sub- districts. Therefore, the PARKINSONs left Deseronto some time between 1924 and 1935.

    I hope some of this information is helpful!
    Blessings, Rev Sue
    Georgetown, ON

    1. Clive Parkinson Says:

      Dear Reverend Sue

      Thank you so much for going to that trouble. I really appreciate it.
      The life story of my missing great grandfather is gradually revealing itself. I guess Malvina Briggs was his wife before Mary Corby. And thanks to you we now have another branch of our tree to explore – Charles Edward Parkinson – and the tragedy of the loss of his wife, infant step son and own son.

      I will, along with my siblings, research further based on the leads you have kindly given us. Please let me know if anything further comes to light from your enquires

      With kind regards from England and sincere Best Wishes for 2022


      1. Susan (Sue) Cowan Says:

        Thank you for your kind words. My pleasure Clive! Happy New Year!
        May 2022 be healthy, happy & blessed! Rev Sue

    2. Sarah Says:

      Hello Susan,
      Did you happen to come across anything about Joseph Corbys grandson who was also named Joseph? He passed away in 1957 born 1930. born to William and Ellen May, siblings were Dorothy and William Corby? I cant find his death cert anywhere or anything from his siblings forward to now.

  33. Clive Parkinson Says:

    Dear Reverend Sue

    The Charles Edward Parkinson (whom you earlier identified for me as a son of Friend William Parkinson) had a son of his own with Emiline Henry. The son was Norman Parkinson who died on 29/04/1972 in his 42nd year. I have found a death notice confirming his parentage and saying he was late of 379 Ontario St. Toronto. He was married to Catherine Spice and was a brother to Evan Preston,Kingston, Charles Barnhardt, Deseronto, and Mrs Bruce Wells (Dorothy) also of Deseronto.

    Norman was interred in the Pentecostal Cemetery, Tyendinaga Reserve on 03/05/1972. So my question if you can help is – does that burial place suggest he must have had a claim to Mohawk ancestry? If so could that claim pass through the female line? If not I’m baffled.


    1. Susan (Sue) Cowan Says:

      So awesome that you are finding additional family information! Each piece is helping you put the puzzle together!

      In 1876 the federal government of Canada created ‘The Indian Act’ (the Act). The Act clearly stated who had “Indian” status and who did not. Under the Act male status Indians would pass down their status to their children. And if a status Indian married a non-status woman, she gained his status. Sadly Indigenous women did not have this same right. Although the Mohawks were traditionally a matriarchal society, the Act stated that if a status woman married a non-status man, she lost her status, and so did any children from that union.

      Status had certain privileges attached to it. And funding formulas of the federal government (such as annual compensation for land deals, education, health funding etc.) were conveniently attached to the number of “status” Indians, therefore the government minimized payments… and sadly these payments (per person) were less than those same payments for non-status people. This has resulted in gross underfunding and under-compensation (for years) by the government.

      The Canadian Charter of Rights in 1982 opened the door for Indigenous peoples to challenge the government’s definition of “status”. Bill C-31 (1985) sought to reform/amend the Indian Act including restoring status to those who:
      – lost it due to marrying non-status individuals or taking up foreign residence (including the USA)
      – enfranchisement – those who have up their status so they could have voting rights (Indigenous people had no voting rights until 1960s)

      Since the passing of Bill C31 over 117,000 Indigenous people have had their status reinstated, and are now included on the “Indian Register” the federal governments list of status Indians. However, there are still land claims, status claims, and other claims against the government – who granted the Mohawks of Tyendinaga land and then proceeded to give this land (which was not theirs) to United Empire Loyalists or sell lots off to immigrants who wished to farm it! There are also numerous suits against the government for parts of the Indian Act that continue till this day to; marginalize the indigenous nation, restrict their rights for self-determination and self-governance, and violate the United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) which was only recently passed by the government. The Cdn govt has a history of dragging its feet with all Indigenous matters, hoping to tire the people out or exhaust their resources. Praise Creator for the resilience of the First Peoples! They continue to fight for their rights and seek peaceful ways to restore their nation, language, traditions, culture, etc.

      So Clive, I hope this synopsis helps you to understand the complexity of “Indian status”. The cemeteries on the Tyendinaga reserve (Christ Church Anglican, All Saints Anglican, Mohawk Pentecostal, St Andrew’s Presbyterian) all have denominational affiliation – therefore burial could be granted to members of the denomination (whether they were indigenous or not). I do see the Find-a-Grave memorial for Norman Parkinson 1930-9 Apr 1972) at the Mohawk Pentecostal Cemetery. Perhaps if you contact them directly, they will be able to provide clarification as to Norman’s Indigenous status or other personal details from their burial register that might be helpful. The church is located at: 1984 York Road, Tyendinaga, Ontario K0K 2N0 (613) 396-5329.

      Regards, Rev Sue

  34. Clive Parkinson Says:

    Thank you, Sue,

    The denominational as opposed to “status” prerequisite explains why Norman Parkinson could be laid to rest in the Pentecostal cemetery on the Tyendinaga Reserve in 1972 despite having no claim at that time to Mohawk status..

    That said, I believe there are Mohawks in the female line. Norman’s maternal grandmother was nee Maracle for example.

    I appreciate your explanation of the difficult issues that have arisen under The Indian Act as amended. I see from the internet that this remains a very thorny and contentious national and local issue in Canada. At a certain level it reminds me of the Waitangi Treaty in New Zealand.

    You have given me so many leads to follow up. I am so grateful

    KInd regards


    1. valerie parkinson Says:

      Hi..,My father was Norman Parkinson and my mother was Catherine Spice. I am in the process of applying for an indigenous status card. I know that Charles Edward Parkinson was my grandfather because I met him but only once before he passed. I am also quite certain that Charlotte Emiline Parkinson born Henry is my bio grandmother. She died in 1934. Her mother was Sarah Henry born Maracle. I came across your post just this morning, I feel that it will definitely help me on my quest. If there is any further info I can help you with please feel free to contact me by my email.

      With regards

      Valerie Parkinson

      1. Susan (Sue) Cowan Says:

        Valerie, how wonderful for you and Clive Parkinson to connect through such a forum! I’m certain you will be able to help each other learn more about the ancestry you share and the Parkinson family story that is indeed blessed by its Maracle connections! Wishing you every blessing as you apply for status and claim the rich legacy that is yours!
        Rev Sue

      2. Sharon Brusven Says:

        Hi Valerie,
        Do also have Gilbert Gilbert Markel/Maracle/Markle in your family tree? He lived in Tyendinaga.

      3. Clive Parkinson Says:

        Oh my goodness,Valerie !
        We are indeed related !
        At last I have found the line of William Friend Parkinson ( latterly aka Friend William Parkinson). He was my great grandfather.
        I’m sorry not have replied sooner. My wife and I’ve just been moving into an apartment in London.
        I will eventually put a tree up on MyHeritage. Till then what is the best way of contacting you 121 ?

        I’ll share the wonderful news of our connection with my siblings.

        Best wishes


  35. valerie parkinson Says:

    thank you for your kind wishes


  36. valerie parkinson Says:

    Sharon Brusven,

    I have not come across a Gilbert Maracle in my family tree but but I did see the name Gilbert Markel on The Sprague Project 1783 – 1855 He died in Tyendinaga and had married Elizabeth Sager. Hope that helps.

    1. Sharon Brusven Says:

      Yes those are my 4x gr Grandparents, thx for the tip!


  37. Lori Says:

    Hello im in search of my great grandfather Raymond Maracle B.1885 son of Eleazer Maracle and Annie Green cannot find to much abt him in records and seem have disappeared I was told he changed his last name I’ve hit a brick wall any help would be greatly appreciated . Lori

  38. Leona Risto Says:

    Hello looking for information about a relative named Bessie Anderson who married Frank Clause. They were married in Deseronto at St Mark’s in 1920. I have Frank’s death date but do not have where he is buried. Bessie was buried with her parents in Belleville.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Leona,

      The newspaper announcement of Frank’s death in the Intelligencer suggests that he was buried at All Saints Church on the Mohawk Territory:

      1. Leona Risto Says:

        Thank you so much for the info. Also do you know if there is any history information for St Mark’s church in Deseronto. Like the family’s that belonged to it.

        Thanks Leona Risto

      2. Amanda Hill Says:

        Hi Leona,

        No, we don’t have a list of people associated with the church, but we have scanned a scrapbook relating to the history of the church which you can find online at (click on the image to access the file).

        There is also a list of Second World War veterans associated with the church at

      3. Leona Risto Says:

        Thank you again for your help. This is so great.

        Thanks *Leona *

  39. Shawna Gaudette Says:

    Hi there,
    I am trying to find and locate information on Mary Paucan. She was my great great great grandmother and I want to search for the first nations reserve information and reconnect with them. I was told the Deseronto reserve was no more but am unsure how true that is.

    Please let me know if you find anything. Thank you for your time.

    1. Amanda Hill Says:

      Hello Shawna,

      The Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory has a website at with contact details.


      1. Shawna Says:

        Thank you so much :)

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