The Archives holds a large number of photographs.  Where there are no copyright restrictions, we share our photographs on the  Flickr site. These are photographs where the term of copyright has expired, or where the Archives owns the copyright.

Also held in the Archives are some local newspapers and the following collections and archival fonds:

Culbertson Tract Land Claim supporting documents collection (TD/CTLC)

Reproductions of documents from a variety of public archives, including Library and Archives Canada, the Archives of Ontario and Toronto Public Library. These materials relate to the history of the Culbertson Tract, part of the original grant of land to the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. A catalogue (including summaries and quotations from the documents) of these materials is available [in PDF format].

Floyd Marlin collection

Notes on Deseronto’s history and a number of postcards and photographs. Many of the latter are now available through the Archives’ Flickr account.

Hall family fonds

Photographs, correspondence and printed materials relating to the activities of members of the Hall family of Deseronto, particularly Flossie Hall (later Flossie Chalmers).

J. Allan Smith collection

Materials gathered together for a planned book on the Royal Flying Corps training camps around Deseronto. The book was started by Captain James Allan Smith but not completed. The materials were shared with C.W. Hunt, who made use of them in his book Dancing in the Sky.


The Archives holds some newspapers for the late 1800s and for some years of the 1900s, although the collection is not at all complete. If you want to find out what papers we have for a particular date, you can use our Google Calendar listing.

We also hold some issues of the Insurance and Finance Chronicle (later The Chronicle, Insurance & Finance) from 1893 to 1901 (originally owned by E. Arthur Rixen (1857-1928), accountant to the Rathbun Company):
October 1, 1893
May 1, 1897
March 25, 1898
April 1, 1898
May 13, 1898
May 20, 1898
May 27, 1898
June 3, 1898
June 17, 1898
July 1, 1898 [incomplete]
July 8, 1898
July 22, 1898
August 5, 1898
August 19, 1898
August 26, 1898
September 23, 1898
November 4, 1898
November 11, 1898
November 25, 1898
June 9, 1899
October 20, 1899
October 18, 1901


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