Extract from the By-laws of the Corporation of the County of Hastings

By-Law No. 254

A By-law to incorporate the Village of Mill Point and to set forth the boundaries thereof.

Passed June 16th, 1871.

WHEREAS by a census return of the unincorporated Village of Millpoint, in this County, with its immediate neighborhood, taken under the directions of this Council on the eighth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, it is shown that within the area hereafter set forth as the limits for the incorporated Village of Millpoint there are over seven hundred and fifty inhabitants, whose residences are sufficiently near to form an incorporated Village:

And whereas one hundred of the freeholders and house-holders residing within the area hereinafter mentioned have petitioned this Council to pass a By-law incorporating the said land under the name of Mill Point:

Be it therefore enacted by the Corporation of the County of Hastings, and it is hereby enacted by the same, that lots numbers thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, and forty, in the third concession south of the Slash Road of the Township of Tyendinaga, in the County aforesaid, be and the same are hereby erected into an Incorporated Village by and under the name of the incorporated Village of “Mill Point”.

Be it further enacted, that the first election shall be held according to law at the School House in said Village, and that Cornelius Donahue shall be and he is hereby appointed Returning Officer to hold said election.

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