Peter W. Maracle signatureOn this day in 1918, Peter William Maracle died of wounds he received during the Battle of the Canal du Nord.

Peter William Maracle circumstances of casualty

Extract from War Graves Registers: Circumstances of Death, held at Library and Archives Canada (RG 150, 1992-93/314; Volume Number: 210)

“Died of Wounds”

Whilst taking part in operations on October 1st 1918, he was wounded in the left thigh, left testicle, and received a fractured femur by enemy machine gun fire. He was given first aid and taken to No. 2 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, where he died two days later.

The war diary for the 52nd Battalion for October 1st illustrates the conditions that Maracle’s unit were facing:

Extract from war diary of 52nd Battalion 1 Oct 1918

Extract from war diary for October 1st, 1918 of the 52nd Battalion (courtesy of Library and Archives Canada)

The high ground was captured, but on pressing forward down the reverse slope, a deadly fire was encountered from nests of enemy machine guns.

All the battalions of the Brigade suffered in the same manner and losses were very heavy. Owing to havy [sic] casualties, including many officers and N. C. Os., it was impossible to press forward and fully complete the allotted task.

Peter William Maracle was buried in the Duisans British Cemetery near Arras, France. He is commemorated on the Deseronto war memorial.

Deseronto memorial