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On this day in 1918, Ernest Sharpe died of wounds he sustained in the Battle of the Scarpe with the 21st Battalion in France. His unit’s war diary describing the three-day advance can be read online (page 1, page 2, page 3).

This extract from the diary entry for August 27th shows the increasing importance of the use of aircraft as weapons of war:

Extract from 21st Battalion war diary 27th August 1918

…During the night our men had little or no rest.

While during the operations of the 26th our aircraft proved their superiority to that of the enemy, German machines were very active on the 27th. They temporarily held up the advance of our men by machine gun fire and the use of light bombs.

Ernest Sharpe was buried in the Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, to the northwest of Arras in France.

Headstone for Ernest Sharpe

Courtesy of The 21st Battalion CEF site

He is also commemorated on the Deseronto war memorial.

Deseronto memorial

Ernest’s widow, Martha Ann Sharpe, married Frank Culhane, another Deseronto veteran of the 21st Battalion, on December 5th, 1919 in Toronto.