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On this day in 1917 Charles Arthur Brant was killed in action at Bois Hugo during the Battle of Hill 70. The extract from the 15th Battalion’s war diary for the battle may explain the circumstances of his death:

War diary extract 15th Battalion Hill 70

Extract from war diary of the 15th Battalion for August 15th, 1917, courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

At 5.30 a.m. our barrage again started forward and our waves advanced. The 3rd. Wave remained at the BLUE LINE. More opposition was encountered this time. There were small parties of the enemy in shell-holes, and these had to be dealt with by Bombing Parties before our line could advance. In BOIS HUGO one M.G. [Machine Gun] of the enemy was causing many casualties, but was silenced by Bombing Sections from No.1 Company, which worked around to the flank of the gun and captured it and killed the crew. The enemy who were in the the trenches on our left, kept up a continual rifle and M.G. fire, which caused a few casualties.

Arthur Brant was buried at the St. Mary’s Advanced Dressing Station Cemetery at Haisnes in France.

St. Mary's A.D.S. cemetery

St. Mary’s Advanced Dressing Station cemetery, courtesy of ‘Remembering the Fallen’

He is also remembered on the Deseronto war memorial.

Deseronto memorial