Stafford Claus signature

On this day in 1916 Stafford Claus signed up in Picton. He was born on May 25th, 1902 (he claimed 1898) in Deseronto, the son of Arthur Claus and Margaret (née Maracle), who were both Mohawks. By 1916 Arthur and Margaret were living in Oshawa and Stafford gave his home address as Picton.

Claus joined the 235th Battalion with the regimental number 1027582. He was five feet four and a half inches tall, with a dark complexion, black eyes and black hair. His service record shows that Stafford was examined by a medical board at Belleville on February 16th, 1917. The board determined that he was under age and should not serve until 1920, when he would be 18.

Stafford Claus Medical Board extract

Extract from medical board report in Stafford Claus’s service record, courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

10 (a) Disease or disability. Under -age

(b) Date of origin. 1902, May 25th

11. Present Condition (Most Important). Under age but in excellent health and is a good soldier.

Stafford was discharged from the army on March 10th, 1917. He married Ada Violet Maracle on November 18th, 1925 in Christ Church, Tyendinaga. He served in the Second World War and worked at Metcalfe Foods in Deseornto for many years. He and Ada had nine children. Stafford died on December 2nd, 1971 and was buried in Deseronto Cemetery. When he died, he had 31 grandchildren and 71 great-grandchildren.