Hugo Burghart Rathbun signature

Hugo Burghart Rathbun, a civil engineer, enlisted on this day in 1916 in Kingston. He was born in Deseronto on June 28th, 1890, the son of Herbert Rathbun and Agnes (née Bell). He was named after Herbert’s father, the founder of the Rathbun Company in Deseronto. By 1897 the family were living in Belleville: Herbert died there on April 4th of tuberculosis.

Hugo had served in the Ammunition Column of the 9th Brigade and he joined the 50th Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery as a lieutenant. His service record shows that in June 1918 he was seconded to the Canadian 2nd Divisional Artillery as a Gas Officer. He returned to England in January 1919 and returned to Canada in May, to be demobilized.

Rathbun was back at 28 Campbell Street in Belleville in 1921, living with his mother (who had married again and was again a widow) and his sister Helen. The household also contained a cook and a servant. Hugo was working as a salesman.

Hugo died in Belleville General Hospital on February 15th, 1930, after suffering convulsions caused by chronic nephritis, a kidney disease. He was buried in the Belleville cemetery.