Ambrose Clause signature

Ambrose Clause signed up in Belleville on this day in 1916. He was born in Deseronto on November 29th, 1889, the son of Wellington Clause and Sarah (née Maracle), who were both Mohawks. On July 14th, 1910 he married Mary Brant in Tyendinaga.

Clause joined the 155th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force with the regimental number 636999. He was five feet nine inches tall, with a dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair.

Ambrose’s service record shows that he was discharged from the army on October 5th, 1916 due to being medically unfit for service. A medical board convened at Camp Barriefield in Kingston reported as follows:

Medical report on Ambrose Clause

Examine and Report on the present state of health of the private above named.

Find that:-

1. He was admitted to the Kingston General Hospital, on August 4th., 1916 follwoing a severe haemorrhage of the lungs, which took place on a route march on the above date.

2. Sputum analysis positive for T.B.

3. Disability 100%.

4. Estimated duration of disability 6 months.

5. Sanitarium treatment indicated as above.

Ambrose never fully recovered from tuberculosis, although his record notes that in 1918 he was well enough to be working as a section man for the Canadian National Railway after his discharge.

Ambrose Clause circumstances of casualty

Circumstances of casualty for Ambrose Clause, courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

Was re-admitted to Sanatorium Sept. 26, 1919. Pt. was a far advanced active case of Pul. & Laryngeal Tuberculosis. The disease progressed steadily from the time of re-admission he being confined to bed the entire time. The Laryngeal condition progressed rapidly as did the Pulmonary. Disease terminated fatally July 10-20.

Death due to Service “BPC list 2.12.21”

Clause died from the disease on July 10th, 1920 at the Sir Oliver Mowat Memorial Hospital in Portsmouth, Kingston. He was buried in Christ Church Cemetery, Tyendinaga.