United Church, Deseronto

The archivist paid a visit to the United Church in Deseronto today, so that she could encourage the members of the Deseronto Diner’s Club to take part in the ‘About Deseronto‘ project. We’re hoping that people in and around the town will share their memories, photographs and objects with us, so that we can, in turn, share them with the wider world through the About Deseronto website.

We are also taking part in a Community Digitization Project which is being led by the Prince Edward County Archives in Wellington. We are organizing a Digitization Day in Deseronto Public Library on September 15th. We are hoping that people will bring in their old photographs of the town, or of their families for us to scan and add to the online information we already hold about Deseronto and the surrounding areas. We are also able to photograph any interesting historic objects that might be lurking in corners of people’s houses.

We hope to see you at the Library on the 15th!