Bank of Montreal, Deseronto, c.1910 (now the Town Hall)

We are very pleased to be able to announce here that Ontario’s Museums and Technology Fund has granted $16,000 to Deseronto Archives for the development of a new website called ‘About Deseronto’.

This project is going to be an interactive community website where people can share their memories and images of people, events, artefacts and pretty much anything relating to the history of the town of Deseronto and its surroundings.

The site will be open to current residents of the town and to anyone with a Deseronto connection: there are many people whose families have lived in the town in the past and who are interested in helping to tell the story of those people and their activities.

We look forward to working with people who are interested in sharing information with the site over the next six months. We also hope that we can arrange some cross-generational activities, with old and young people working together to collect and contribute information.

Watch this site for further information as the project gets under way!