Deserontos oldest house DESHIS-06-04

Deseronto's oldest house DESHIS-06-04

This photograph was taken during the 1970s and is, according to the note on the back of it, a picture of ‘Deseronto’s oldest house’. Unfortunately, there is no information on the picture about where exactly this house was.

Does anyone recognise this building? Can you help us pinpoint its location?

UPDATE: We’ve had two suggestions and the house is on the east side of Fourth Street – below is a photo of how it looks today.

Updated October 4th 2011 to add that the current owners bought the house in 1962 when there were two fuses in the whole house and one cold water pipe to the kitchen and no drain. The house is constructed from 18-inch barn timbers and hand-made nails.

92 Fourth Street today

92 Fourth Street today