One of the (many) very good things about putting the Archives’ photographs onto Flickr is the ability to place the locations onto a map. Often the buildings in the photographs no longer exist (this is particularly true of Deseronto’s industrial heritage), but with the help of old maps it is possible to give the sites an approximate location on a map of present-day Deseronto. Around a third of the images in the Flickr collection are photographs of buildings or details of plans of the town. These have all now been added to the map of the Deseronto area that is associated with our Flickr account.

The screenshot above gives an impression of the way that this map appears. One slightly strange thing about the underlying map software is that it does not show Foresters’ Island, which is situated in the Bay of Quinte just south of Deseronto. As a consequence, the marker on this map for the orphanage photo we featured the other week appears to be in the middle of the water.

It is also possible to search for all the photos that have been associated with the area by all Flickr users, which gives a good selection of more recent views of the town alongside the Archives’ more historic ones.